Top 13 Benefits Of Recruitment Marketing 2022 [Business Insights]

Does your business need a talent boost? If so, you’re not alone. In today’s business climate, attracting and retaining top talent is more important than ever. But the talent acquisition process has become more complex than ever. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses must now embrace recruitment marketing.

It is a strategy that can help your business find, attract, and engage top talent. Investing in recruitment marketing can improve your brand awareness, candidate experience, and talent pipeline. 

This guide will cover the top benefits of comprehending how it can help your business growth and expansion in 2022. Moreover, we will explain how you can efficiently use recruitment marketing to improve your talent acquisition strategy.

Understanding Recruitment Marketing

Don’t think much about recruitment marketing: it’s precisely what it sounds like. In short and simple words, it’s the way for recruiters to think like marketers so that they can promote the employer brand to attract and significantly boost candidates’ engagement.

Wondering how it’s done? Well, in recruitment marketing, the team creates a killer strategy that uses all your company’s outreach to share the employer value proposition to assist in hiring the best talent directly. 

So, now you might think that recruitment marketing is not just a one-time process but an ongoing expedition that needs to be started from the very first day. There is more to it which you can find here.

13 Benefits Of Recruitment Marketing

You might be here as you have already heard about the real worth and benefits of Recruitment marketing as it keeps on delivering measurable results. Here are the top 12 recruitment marketing benefits that may positively affect your business. It is all covered below if you are wondering about cost-effectiveness and top talent.

⦁ Improved Candidate Quality

Recruiting talent means choosing the best quality over quantity; normally, it’s the recruiter’s target. It has been observed that in many organizations, the quality candidates who visit the company websites only browse the website and look at present data. And in most cases, they leave without applying.

There can be numerous grounds, but the most typical reason is that they are willing to learn more about the company before applying. Here Recruitment marketing tells of setting up a talent network that can help their recruitment.

Here we should not ignore how difficult it can be to bring people to your website. And it’s much more challenging to get them back again. So, you must use every means to convert them. Also, this strategy only works great when you have set up the whole funnel for them, i.e., the journey from visiting the website to applying.

⦁ Enhanced Business Branding

Today it’s no surprise that candidates tend to apply to brands instead of just companies. It’s a new mindset, so the employer shall actively by managing its employer brand.

For any business or product, branding is the key to success. This has been proved time and again that when businesses create an emotional connection with customers, they are more likely to succeed.

In Recruitment Marketing Strategy, branding shall be placed at the top to convey the employer value proposition straight and let the company stand out among the competitors.

When you have a strong employer brand, it will be easier for you to attract top talent. Candidates will be more likely to apply to your company and will be more likely to accept a job offer if they are familiar with your brand.

⦁ Better Candidate Experience

Along with many other benefits, it helps access the candidate’s experience. When the company knows better and understands the candidate’s experience, they will know how much the candidate will benefit the company.

Not only this, but it also tells us about the prospective employee’s relationship and engagement with the company. The employer needs to know about this to keep a good talent pipeline

⦁ Empowers Recruiters

The recruitment marketing strategy is not just about filling the vacant position with the bodies, but it’s much more. This strategy helps the company in multiple ways. It’s a tool that can help the company to empower its recruiters.

When recruiters want to compete in the global market to hire the best talent, they can leverage the reach and efficiency of social media platforms to identify and engage with the top talent proactively.

⦁ Improves Hiring Sources

With Recruitment Marketing, you can search for candidates on career websites, i.e., LinkedIn, or reach research centers. There is it’s easy to identify better candidates and engage with them. You may find someone there who might never consider your company.

⦁ Increases Revenue

It has been seen in different reports that companies who utilize recruitment marketing strategies like social media outreach have seen an increase in revenue by over 26%, which is great. 

If you are thinking, how? Here it is; when using recruitment marketing to recruit candidates, there is a high chance that you will close the deal with one of the top talents with which your company can grow massively.

⦁ You Can Choose Your Target Audience

With all other technological advancements, recruitment marketing has also advanced from what it used to be. Today you can apply analytics to your campaign results, and within minutes you can filter out the best-qualified applicants. It does reduce not only the hiring time but also decreases the recruitment cost.

This does not end with analytics. For the people looking for a job, posts on social media where you can also search by applying filters like Job title, locations, and positions. This way, you can choose your target audience and focus only on that. Here are 5 ways to increase your CTR in email marketing.

⦁ Unqualified Applicants

This may sound odd, but yes, unqualified applicants are a benefit of Recruitment Marketing! You shall not be treating unqualified applicants cold. Instead, they tend to spread the good word about your company when treated warmly with respect and courtesy. 

This time they might not qualify for the vacancy due to less experience but still, their review matters. The fresh candidates rely on companies’ reviews on Google, LinkedIn, etc., and they also ask in the forums. This is where you may want them to share all candidates to share the positive experience. 

⦁ Your Employees Will Engage With Each Other

Though it’s an indirect benefit of Recruitment marketing, its importance can’t be ignored. A proper marketing campaign engages all your employees, including the workforce, as it’s not only a function of the human resources or marketing team. 

The new candidates want to know how it feels working in the company and the environment. What opportunities exist, and how does it feel working with previous candidates? Recruitment Marketing allows your previous candidates to share their stories, which helps them make the final decision. 

⦁ Better Retention

Retention comes with the right people. And Right people are those with ideals and passions aligned with the company. The characteristics and qualities of your company that first attracted the person in the job description later keep them engaged as an employee. It is one of the top benefits of a recruitment marketing strategy, and it can only happen when you follow a recruitment marketing strategy to acquire candidates.

⦁ Guaranteed Growth

There is no secret to it, but the more time invested in recruitment marketing strategy increases the talent pool, ultimately reducing your hiring time and decreasing retention. And when your company has more engaging employees, it will give you a competitive advantage which only means growth.

⦁ Increased Diversity

McKinsey Research shows the effectiveness of diverse teams and departments. For example, diverse gender teams will outperform 15% more, whereas ethnically diverse teams are 35% more effective. But the companies feel challenged to gather diverse people with the right requirements. 

This is where recruitment marketing proofs to be beneficial. It helps organizations become more practical for the talent and skills they are looking for. It can be achieved through content and talent network, events, or pipeline. The recruiters use the tools which help engage the right candidates more effectively.

⦁ Reduced Hiring Costs

Recruitment marketing is a talent acquisition strategy that helps bring more potential candidates to the company while reducing hiring costs. It’s obvious that when you invest in something, you want some returns back. With Recruitment Marketing, you can bring your cost down.

The most common and expensive method of recruiting is job boards. It’s quite expensive to post job openings on these boards. You can use other options like social media, emails, or even phone calls to reach out to candidates.

The most straightforward track to bring traffic to your website is paid advertising. Moreover, you can use Google AdWords or other paid advertising platforms to target potential candidates searching for jobs that match your open positions. Here are 12 tips to boost conversion ads.

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How Does Marketing Relate To Recruitment?

Recruitment marketing is a subset of talent acquisition that focuses on attracting, engaging, and converting candidates into applicants. When done perfectly, it’s a continuous loop that starts with creating awareness about your employment brand and builds visibility & authority with diversity & inclusion-focused content, events, and relationships. 

The goal is to generate a talent pipeline of engaged, interested candidates that you can nurture and convert into applicants when you have open roles. In the past, recruitment was mostly about posting job openings and waiting for candidates to apply. But with the social media surge and other online tools, recruitment has become more complex.

Recruitment is about building relationships with potential candidates and creating a positive image of your company as an employer. A good recruitment marketing strategy will consider your target candidate’s entire journey, from the first time they hear about your company as a potential employer, to when they finally apply for a role. 

To succeed in recruitment marketing, you need to understand your target candidates, what motivates them, and their favorite places online and offline. With all these things, you can start to create targeted content and experiences that will attract and engage them throughout their journey.

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