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“Joost and his team made it so easy for us. They got us 127 leads within two months. We were selling memberships in summer for $120 each. We needed a boost in Online Advertising and we got it! Just give them a try, sit back, relax and enjoy as they save you time and frustration.”

Case Study

The Challenge

Bliss & Body is a medium-sized gym and personal-training franchise with locations in Buda Pest, Hungary (and soon abroad).

With no clearly defined strategy for online advertising / lead generation and follow up, our client’s goal was to draw as many people through the front door as possible within his marketing budget.

As a result, leads were sporadic and of varying quality, and their untrained team was missing key opportunities to convert leads to paying customers.

The Solution

During our initial meeting, we quickly realised the client did not have an established system for generating leads consistently, nor did he have a lead follow up procedure. We, therefore, provided initial consultation services to establish a more professional and disciplined approach to lead generation, follow up and conversion. This included a half-day coaching workshop for gym employees to ensure they were prepared to manage all leads generated through our upcoming campaigns effectively.

Next, we developed an advertising strategy targeted to individuals within a three-mile radius who were the most interested in health and wellness and therefore more likely to join the gym. We tested a variety of landing pages, images and ad copy to identify which approach was most appealing to the target audience. Our strategy was to deliver the best quality leads to our client at the lowest cost per lead.

The Result

Our initial campaign consisted of an eight-week weight loss challenge and the second campaign included a four-week bonus membership with free personal training for new members.

The initial campaign delivered a total of 187 leads during the traditionally slower summer months and the second campaign provided 79 leads in 20 days.

The more targeted advertising yielded higher quality leads, allowing our client to break even on his advertising investment in under 1,5 month.

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