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Olivia's Jewellery


“They’ve increased the monthly revenue of my webshop from $2k to $50k while restructuring our ad campaigns and pretty much our whole business.”

Case Study

The Challenge

Olivias jewellery is an international webshop selling jewellery ( mainly earrings ) to the United States, Canada and Australia.

The owner was looking for additional growth, but sales had plateaued, and nothing they tried was able to increase monthly volume.

Their growth strategy focused primarily on organic social media posts and gaining fans / potential customers. Howerver this was time consuming and didn't show a Return on Investment that was worth the effort..

The Solution

Our first step was to understand the business model fully. We spent considerable time studying the products and clientele base before implementing the following strategy.

  • Reviewed over 500 individual products to identify the most profitable products and scale them as high as possible.
  • ​Developed a profitability matrix that helped our client identify products with higher profit margins and/or better returns on ad spend.
  • ​Obtained their best performing buyer persona's and developed a way to target them more specific than before. We then structured it so that it could be more clearly analysed afterwards to make future targetting even more effective.
  • ​Created Google and Facebook campaigns using new creative and advertising copy.

  • The Result

    Within 3 months, revenue had increased to 50k from 2k in the month before we started. Simply by selling more profitable products, and continuously scale them while targetting the right audience with the perfect message and ad creative.

    The number of new monthly visitors is now (1,930000 new visitors), and page sessions have increased by 90%. Even with paid ads on Pause, sales are still coming in because of the amount of attention we have generated.


    “Our monthly revenue was approximately $2k when we were working with our previous marketing agency. Then Joost approached me and said I was leaving money on the table.

    At that time, we were struggling to grow. We had tried a few things, but nothing seemed to work. I felt our current agency was not providing us with enough care, so I decided to take the leap and hire Joost who seemed like a real advertising expert.

    To start to work with Joost and his team turned out to be a wise choice for us. They devoted much time to understanding our business model and figuring out the best way to set up our ads. I was impressed by how in-depth they looked at everything they touched, as well as how helpful they were with non-campaign related issues. It’s no wonder we ended up increasing our monthly revenue to $50k.
    I’d highly recommend giving them a try and listening to them no matter how much you’re tempted to remain in your comfort zone. You may think your systems, team or current agency are “good enough”, but why settle for that if there is an opportunity to make things better?”

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