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“Since April 2019 we have been working with NXG-media. They were able to generate $400k in 2020 trough their paid advertising efforts and consult us on the entire customer journey of our unique product.” 

– Julian Jagtenberg, Founder / CEO of Somnox

Case Study

The Challenge

Somnox came to us as a startup in 2019. Soon they grew to a business with 40 employees and were hiring talent from all over the place. But the online presence wasn't yet what this innovative ambitious company needed.

With no clearly defined strategy for online advertising but a decent marketing budget Joost got together with CEO Julian to develop a fitting strategy.

Julian knew they needed a good strategy to serve this market, they knew the customers are out there on the internet, but how do we reach them was their question.

The Solution

During our initial meeting, we started on developing the perfect customer journey retargetting funnel for this unique product. The customer needed a bit of education on this new invention and would not buy immediately, we knew that from experience. After creating all the funnel steps on multiple online marketing channels, after some weeks came the time to realy get the purchases in. Because of the strategy we used the weeks before, the purchases started slowely increasing and we got the attention for this product that we needed. Then the time came that we could actualy focus on SCALING the advertising campaigns and get to reach the set revenue goals for somnox.

The Result

Within 5 months, we reached a stable advertising formula for this product that was consistantly bringing in profit! After that we started to introduce new products from Somnox to the huge audience that we generated. By then continously scaling the advertising campaigns nearing the end of the year, extensive preparation and targetting the right audience with the perfect message and ad creative we got the best results ever achieved for somnox during the christmas holidays.

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