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Thanks to the innovative use of data from multiple marketing channels we can ensure a sustainable match with your business and future employees while you directly benefit from reduced time and cost
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An easy onboarding process, live within 1,5 week,
fast communication, weekly reports and proven strategies.
Automated incoming candidates

We use skills from multidisciplinary approaches to built a stronger employer brand, drive traffic to your website, that converts into leads and candidates by optimal targeting for a match with your organization, the candidates apply on their own initiative. No more COLD recruiting but warm incoming enthusiastic candidates that come in via automated systems.

Reduce lead time and costs

Our team of experts manages all your online advertising so you can focus on other tasks. Thanks to the build-up of a sustainable talent pool, you shorten your time to hire by up to 90%. And that directly saves you in recruitment costs.

Expert guidance

We have invested over $1,680,000 in more than 65 campaigns over the last 4 years for 33 companies A dedicated team of recruitment marketing professionals is at your service. They help you set up, execute and optimize your strategy.

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Our team is excited to start brainstorming ideas for your online marketing strategy. Get a free initial consultation to chat with a creation expert, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works. 

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Julian Jagtenberg


"Since April 2019 we have been working with NXG-media. They were able to generate $400k in 2020 trough their paid advertising efforts and consult us on the entire customer journey of our unique product." watch the review video here

"With her social agency, Cat Howell is a leading authority in the digital marketing industry. She is futured in Forbes and on, watch the video were she praises Joost's (our Facebook Advertising specialist) skills and results for the webshop of Olivia's jewellery."

Cat Howell

FATC/Eight Loop
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