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We are proud of all our collaborations. And we are only satisfied when you are. That is why we like to let our customers tell you about their experiences.

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"Since April 2019 we have been working with NXG-media. Joost was able to generate $400k in 2020 trough paid advertising efforts and consult us on the entire customer journey of our unique product."

Nederland Eet B.V.

“Goal: The objective for Joost / NXG-Media was clear, set up new adcampaigns and ads to increase the purchases per city and run campaigns that would contribute to the growing of the community, emaillist and also B2B sales interest.”


“Freek and Joost, realised a 300%+ growth in conversions on our website. We experienced the growth that is possible with the right knowledge of online marketing and a commited and dedicated team”

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Olivia's Jewellery

“Joost has increased the monthly revenue of my webshop from $2k to $50k while restructuring our ad campaigns and pretty much our whole online strategy for our business.”

Bliss & Body

“Joost has made it so easy for us. He got us 127 leads within two months by creating a perfect funnel. We were selling memberships in summer for $120 each. Just give him a try, sit back, relax and enjoy as they save you time and frustration of finding new leads / members”

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